Tis true…

We have come to accept as the norm, that business is run on a hierarchical system based on the corporate ladder and internal promotion. The higher up the ladder (ahem…pyramid) we get, the greater the reward and the more the accolades.

Power and control have become concentrated amongst the elite few, the few in whom we have trust to be benevolent and make decisions based on the common good.

These elite few at the top harvest the rewards based on the corporate effort of the many. We applaud it as capitalism.

At best this plays out into fulfilling Ayn Rands vision of economic objectivism, yet in all fairness this has failed to materialise. Governing bodies do not encourage more freedom as they get more powerful, they covet more power and more control, ultimately seeing human beings as a simple economic asset, sans hopes, sans dreams, sans autonomy.

The system is broken. It does not fulfil mans deepest drive:

Ever has man sought out self sovereignty, from staking your piece in the Wild West, building a business in the Industrial Age or going online in the Internet Age.

But, wherever he goes, the oligarchs soon follow, sucking up power and wealth, reconsolidating everything unto themselves.

The system becomes skewed and asymmetric and has lead to social revolutions of capitalism or communism, being two sides of the same coin. These have promised, but failed to address the most important points where either no one owns anything or one is subject to lifelong indentureship and both systems are empirically proven to lead to failure.

What is the answer?

How is wealth distributed in a fair manner?

How is one rewarded fairly for contribution and innovation?

The new frontier is the decentralized movement which is growing organically across the world, encapsulating self sovereignty.

Redistributing power and control back to the people, the innovators and the participants.

Success is based on utility and adoption, not on political philosophy.

Approval is based on distributed, nonpartisan consensus.

The skill sets are easily accessed.

Decentralization sees no color, no creed and makes no distinction. It is currently the embodiment of freedom, of expression, of innovation and of endeavor.

The oligarchs will follow, but whether they will be successful remains to be seen.

For now it is the Frontier.


PS if you liked this my next article will be entitled “Corporate Stupification”




Cogitating the nature of reality, the evolution of civilisation and the development of sound money

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Stuart Beverley

Stuart Beverley

Cogitating the nature of reality, the evolution of civilisation and the development of sound money

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